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My name is John Brandrick.

I am Based in Whitland, Carmarthenshire, S.W.Wales. I am now retired and only draw for fun

I have found it neccessary to revise both sites due to the built in obselence of software.

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Killhope lead mining museum

Chesterton Windmill

A major new book entitled 'Windmills of North West Kent and Kentish London (and the men who built them)' has been launched, it is available from Stenlake and Co, and will be priced at 20 and it does contain a few of my drawings of Keston Windmill

I have illustrated this book for Nigel Harris which is in its 2nd publishing

Previous uploads onto Milldrawings site

Eastbridge windpump.

 Click on the Dinosaur to see the - What I used to do! pages before I retired. In this section there are samples of the drawings I prepared during the years after I learnt to draw with a computer in 1990 until my retirement. During the previous 24 years all my drawings where prepared on a drawing board and so are too difficult to show here

Traditional Corn Milling Watermills

by Nigel S. Harris

This booklet is the introduction every watermill novice needs. It aims to explain how watermills used for stoneground flour milling worked. Using numerous drawings and photographs, it guides the reader through the various elements that go to make up a working watermill, including a brief discussion on the layout of a typical mill building. Having explained how the machinery in the mill operated it then describes how wheat is ground into meal and how that meal is processed further to make white flour.

This 40 page A5 booklet consists of extracts from the more comprehensive and detailed 211 page A4 hardcover book by the same author entitled:

"Watermills and Stoneground Flour Milling"

ISBN 9780955150128

see www.watermills.info

Comments from purchasers:

"This is a jolly good read, a must have for your book case, well written with lots of illustrations"

"Brilliant book. Very informative"

"Provides a good read for the novice and an addition to the library of those more learned in the ways of milling"